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My ceramics are a deeply personal exploration of form and function, inspired by the dynamic exchange I have with my students and the significant people who have touched my life. This collection features ceramic percussion instruments, each piece crafted with care and intent, reflecting the unique stories and influences of those around me. Teaching art to young, dynamic individuals constantly challenges and inspires me, pushing my creative boundaries and leading me to revisit the basics of making and thinking. This ongoing interaction invigorates my practice, channelling new insights and methods into my ceramics. "Manifestation," was part of the exhibition "Memoria y Deseo" at Casa de la Cultura, La Línea. This project features four ceramic vases, each of different sizes and shapes, glazed experimentally with multiple layers of colour and pattern. Projected over the ceramic installation are animated ripples made of ceramic elements and drawn images. "Manifestation" delves into the themes of memory and desire, with the vases symbolising the vessels of our memories, each layer of glaze representing the complexities and layers of our experiences. The animated ripples reflect the continuous influence of these memories and desires, manifesting as dynamic, flowing elements that shape and reshape our perceptions and actions. This project encapsulates the essence of how memories and desires intertwine, constantly evolving and influencing our present, much like the creative process itself.

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