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My Botanical Collection is a vivid exploration of nature's intricate beauty, captured through mixed media on imperial-size watercolour paper. This series is rooted in my profound connection to the natural world and my fascination with its imperfect and ever-changing qualities. I take inspiration from the diverse arrangements of colours, patterns, and textures that I observe in nature, meticulously documenting these elements to create a rich dictionary of marks and colour palettes. The collection involves the creation of organic forms in biomorphic shapes, lending an abstract quality to the work. Each piece is based on observations under the microscope of collected, treasured, pressed, and dried botanical matter, revealing the hidden intricacies of plant life. Displayed in the exhibition 'Easterly Winds,' a cultural exchange project. By examining botanical elements at a microscopic level, I aim to uncover and celebrate the unseen patterns of nature, transforming them into a visual narrative that speaks to the viewer's own experiences and connection with the natural world.

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