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Self Portrait

My self-portrait series is an intimate exploration of self, blending animated GIFs and a painting to capture the multifaceted nature of identity. In this series, I delve into the exercise of self-understanding and inner connection, reflecting the natural fluctuations of self-acceptance, excitement, curiosity, self-doubt, and self-sabotage. The animated GIFs bring a dynamic and evolving aspect to the portraits, symbolising the continuous change and growth within. The painting, on the other hand, offers a more static, yet deeply introspective representation of self, grounding the series in a moment of contemplation. Through these works, I aim to visualise the lines, spaces, colours, and forms that my inner 'Daemon' presents, creating a ripple-like apparition that embodies the counsel and guidance of this divine entity. This series is a testament to my journey of nurturing creativity by nurturing self, capturing the essence of who I am in both movement and stillness.

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